Looking To Buy An Insect Door Curtain?

Insect door curtains are specially designed using the latest technology.

They are best suited for when you want to let fresh air into your home but dislike the irritation of annoying insects. They are designed to fit standard home doorways.

The easy open mesh panels are practical for both people and pets and swing back into place after being walked through.

We have many satisfied customers who have remarked on the quality of the door curtains.

We offer quality Ultra Retractable Curtains which are suitable for most types of window openings. Single, French and bi-folding doors are also suitable for retractable curtain screens.

Ultra Retractable Curtains are manufactured in many popular colours to match your décor.

Conveniently located at the top of your window or the side of your doors, your retractable custains will blend into the framework.

Your screen curtains  can also include:

  • a viscodynamic brake for slow recoil of screen
  • anti wind pile to retain screen in guides during windy conditions
  • a smooth system which allows the screen to stop in any position


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