It is a common assumption that fly screens are only used for peoples home, yes this is true to a degree however now more than ever fly screens are being used for commercial & industrial use, such as offices, school buildings and industrial units.

Industrial Fly Screens for Office Use

In today’s market, we’ve seen a growing number of customers installing industrial quality fly screens in their offices. What is the reason for this? Simple the high temperatures can lead to a decrease in the employee’s productivity and lack of concentration.

Plus serious health issues, however running the air conditioning all day in the office can prove to be extremely costly.

Industrial Fly Screens Solutions

Industrial fly screens are a perfect solution when it comes to regulating temperature as they have the capacity to provide natural ventilation and fresh air whilst still protecting against flying insects.

Therefore when the warm weather is at its hottest, workers can enjoy the office environment and stay cool and focused.

Additionally it is not just offices that fly screens are beneficial, they can be used also for schools and nurseries and industrial blocks.

Industrial Fly Screens Schools and Nurseries

Hot weather is an issue for schools and nurseries. Even short spells of hot weather can quickly raise temperatures inside school buildings which can have an impact on concentration levels and may lead to dehydration.

However using our industrial strength fly screens on doors and windows not only keeps children cool during the hot weather season but can help kids concentrate better. In addition fly screens can protect against pesky bugs.

This is particularly important if there are any children that are allergic to wasps or bees stings during the summer season.

The industrial fly screens we have available have the capacity to keep schools and nurseries more safe from bugs trying to get inside the building.

Keeping kids safe from harm is always important, that’s why we provide high quality fly screens for our customer’s.

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