During the heat of the summer months, mosquitoes, flies and many other insects can become very annoying, intruding your house, work place and other areas. So just how do you reduce the effect of these irritating creatures from your presence?

Keeping Insects Out Of Your House

Option 1: Start from the outdoors

An insect zapper is one of many great ways to keep insects outside and better yet, away from your home, as it acts as a barrier for insects so they can’t get to close to your home. If an insect happens to cross this barrier, you will be the first to find out, thanks to the small ‘zap’ sound made.

All it takes is a few ‘zaps’ for your home to be insect free. An alternative method is to burn scented candles or special insecticide sticks, they work like a charm whilst also smelling nice.

Option 2: Leafy plants, who would have thought?

Although leafy plants in your yard provide beautiful lush and tropical scenery providing plenty of shade, insects are prone to dwell in these areas. It would be beneficial during the hot summer months to cut back on the leafy plants ever so slightly, but of course if you love them so much, there are always other options, like option 3!

Option 3: Install Flyscreens

One of the most effective, and somewhat plain to see, ways to keep insects out of your house is to keep them from invading your home in the first place!

Installing fly screens onto your windows and doors is an ideal way to keep insects out of the home, as it allows the summer breeze to enter your home without the addition of flying insects.

Fly screens protect your home from all insects, big or small, and can be easily installed.

To find out more about fly screens and the benefits, feel free to contact our company. We can help you decide on the best type of fly screen for your home and budget, whilst also provide you with the best service possible in installing your fly screens.

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