Most homeowners would rather avoid cleaning their fly screens because it can be a messy and fussy chore.

However, a dirty fly screen is not only unattractive, they are very inefficient, the ability of a fly screen is to keep the bugs out and let the fresh air to pass through their mesh.

If you know the correct way how to clean your fly screens, you would know that it is a dreaded chore. Just follow these simple and easy instructions on how to clean your fly screen.

Most fly screen doors can be easily removed. If they need to be cleaned start to remove them and sett them up outdoors for cleaning:

  • 1st Prop the fly screen door up against an outdoor vertical surface such as a fence or wall. If there is no where near you that you can put the doors , place them on a dry and clean surface.
  • 2nd Gently rinse using a garden hose. The pressure from the hose should remove all debris, if there is too much pressure from the water it might stretch the fly screen or even possibly pull the edges out .
  • 3rd Get a bucket of warm soapy water and scrub the fly screens with a soft bristled brush.
  • 4th Rotate the screen and proceed to scrub again.
  • 5th gently rinse the screen on both sides making sure you get rid off all excess soap.

While you have the fly screens off the windows or door it is a great time to clean the window sills and tracks.

Tools that the professionals recommended for the job are a vacuum cleaner fitted with a narrow nozzle, a tooth brush and a bottle that has a spray lid filled with water and a small amount of detergent.

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