The Unfortunate Relationship between Flies and Summer weather.

Why is it that the insect population adores the summer heat?

Speaking on behalf of most of the Australian population, we know that it is essential to get rid of the summer fly problem. The two main culprits, blow flies and house flies, are usually charged with entering your home due to their search for a food source.

Both house and blow flies are similar in their life cycles, as they both only reproduce during the summer months. Both also look for the most disgusting places to nest their eggs, such as your garbage bins and animal feces.

Usually the reason why they stay in your house is simply because they can’t find their way out.

Unfortunately for you that means you often have un-welcomed guests in your house for longer than you wish. Blow flies won’t lay eggs in your home, luckily enough, whereas house flies are happy to lay eggs in your rubbish bin. Flies favourite source of food is anything that is a sugary liquid and meat.

Fortunately, you can control, or better yet prevent, flies from entering your home using various different methods.

You could purchase chemical heavy sprays or place sticky fly strips that you will have to clean up and disinfect afterwards, but the all time best method to keeping flies out of your home is to install house fly screens.

By installing fly screens, flies will find it very difficult to enter your house.

This method is cost effective as it will ensure protection over the years of the life of your house.

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