Avalon Screens provide house fly screens for every type of door and window, selecting the right one for you will depend on the type of door and window and you have and their fittings.

Choosing The Right House Fly Screen Door

For enclosed outside patios or sunrooms the fly screen that is the easiest and neatest to use would be a roller cassette fly screen door. This can either be a single or double door subject to the door width.

Things to Contemplate With This Type of House Fly Screen Door Include:

The need to fix the bottom guide, there needs to be a 25mm up stand to fix it to or else it creates a trip hazard.

Conservatories typically have a window sill each side of the door, these maybe required to be trimmed or notched to include the roller cassette.

Rigid framed Hinged Doors

These doors are perfect if there is always traffic through the fly screen, the door is built with a self-closer so that it is able to shut behind you.

The door can combine mesh options including pet mesh and stainless steel which will consequently make them extremely durable.

However it might be required that the door is built away from the existing door frame using a matching sub frame so that door drips and handles can be cleared.

Sliding Doors

These screens are able to be used for conservatories and sun rooms the screen panels can easily be removed from the sliding track when it is out of season.

We offer house fly screen door for both industrial and commercial use. The screens comprise a selection of hinged, sliding and curtain screens.

Whatever your requirement we have a wide selection of house fly screen doors to suit your own individual needs.

Browse our website you won’t be disappointed as we have the finest fly screens on the market, reasonably priced and most importantly excellent in quality.

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