Hey, you all. I’m Rosie from Rosie on the House. And we’re here to talk about home security screen doors on this particular helpful tip.

Now, look, the statistics tell us that the majority of entry points, when we’re talking about breaking in a home, occur right at the front door. What happens is I’m casing the joint, as I’m the bad guy, I’m casing the neighbourhood and I’m looking for doors that look like they’ll be easy to get into that I can get in very quickly, in particular if they’re shielded from view, from the neighbours by a big bush or a screen wall.

I love those scenarios because I can get into the front door, do my work and nobody will see me. So, let’s make sure we’ve got nice visibility down the street into all the neighbours that they can see your front door. Then the next thing you going to want to do is put something physically, visually, disturbing, or distracting to that person casing the neighbourhood.

Home security screen doors are an excellent line of defence.

There are couple of things you’re going to want to know- buy a good one! I particularly like the full aluminum ones.

They never rust and they’re going to stop anyone from breaking in. you want to get a good deadbolt. Make sure it has a full 1-inch strow.

The other things we’re going to look for is screws that can’t be removed that are anchored into the structural skeleton of the house, and hinges that are welded in place with non-removable pin hinges.

When a person, a villain, a bad guy is casing your neighbourhood and he sees this kind of door on your front door, he’s probably going to keep looking and pick someone else’s house. And I always tell people what you’re trying to do in discouraging home invasions is make your house the least desirable target.

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