Home Screen Doors Functions:

Home screen doors are much more than doors to keep insects out. They are doors to provide you of additional benefits of adding value to your home, and to increase the security of your property.

Home screen doors add another lock to get through, meaning added security. Many screen doors double as storm doors. Storm doors assist in energy efficiency in the home by letting the fresh air in, and keeping the bad weather out of your home.

Home screen doors suit every type of house. They can be installed on single or double opening doors, or even in patios and porches. There are many different types of screen doors to suit your house’s needs as discussed in “Types of Screen Doors”. (link to article)

Home Screen Doors – The Benefits:

Home screen doorsallows the cooling breeze to peacefully enter your home instead of using an air conditioner or fans during the summer.

Pesky insects will not invade your house or patio during a fun filled party or barbecue.

Screen doors are also the perfect way to keep your family pets inside the house whenever you wish. All you need to do is simply close the door on your way out to keep your pets inside.

They provide additional safety not only to your pets but to your little ones. Small children may find it difficult to open the screen doors latches and therefore, it acts as the perfect safety barrier to keep toddlers inside.

Screen doors are also strong enough to withstand any amount of kicking and beating, and for that reason they act as an additional safety barrier to keep you and your family safe from intruders.

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