Shoo, Fly, Don’t Bother Me!

Are you looking for a discreet home solution to increase circulation of fresh air without welcoming insects or sacrificing the styling of your home? Home insect screens are designed to suit most windows and doors and include features such as mesh screening and house-blending uPVC frames. With the ability to customise the fly screen to best match you and your home’s unique style, you can enjoy all the benefits thereof and start feeling the “improvement” in “home improvement.”

Home Insect Screens

We Australians may love our summer, but we can sure do without the nuisance of bugs and insects. Those creepy crawlies have enough ways of entering the home unsuspected without being welcomed by a wide open door or window sans a mesh fly screen. While other home solutions may keep insects out, they may also cause you to sacrifice air flow or even obstruct a beautiful view. Fly screens allow for maximum visibility and circulation without becoming host to insects, thanks to the 4-sided frame that fits into the existing window with a retractable ultra-fine mesh to complete the seal, letting air flow freely while keeping insects out. You’ll be free of live insects flitting about your abode and avoid the oh-so-frequent discovery of tiny dead things on your window sill.

Fresh Air Circulation

With increasingly tighter methods of energy efficient construction, the need to maintain efficient yet comfortable temperatures all year round poses the problem of interior air pollutants having less means of dispersive escape. Without fresh air circulation, the environment can become stale and polluted, more susceptible to dust build-up and lingering toxins from standard household cleaners. With fly screens installed, you can enjoy a well-ventilated home any time of the year while maintaining cleanliness and supporting good health.

Safe Housekeeping

In addition to insects, other pesky pests have been known to find their way into areas we had rather them not. This can pose threats to the health of residents, children, and pets, or cause harm to the wild creatures themselves. Homes with fly screens are far less susceptible to surprise intrusions, limiting the possible spread of illness and disease as well as reducing the requirement of pest control.

More Peaceful Sleep

Australian summers can get pretty hot and muggy, but running that air conditioning unit 24/7 should not be your only option for comfort. Fly screens provide the freedom and security to keep the house open without worry, so you can rest easy. No bites or stings in your sleep; no uninvited guests. Breathe in fresh air as you sleep, helping you get more out of your rest and wake up feeling renewed.

Cost Efficiency

Home insect screens may seem like an additional expense if you only consider their initial purchase and cost of installation, but they definitely pay for themselves in no time at all. Rather than tallying up a costly electric bill to keep your home cool throughout the summer, fly screens present the opportunity to enjoy a more balanced and natural temperature by allowing a clean and safe cooling alternative to air conditioning. With fly screens installed on all exterior facing doors and windows, homeowners can enjoy a cool breeze on a hot summer day in the privacy of their own home … and save money doing so.

Get Installed!

If home insect screens seem the perfect home solution for you, contact Flyscreens Sydney at 02 8294 8311 to discuss installation packages with our home solution experts. We will answer your questions and help you determine the best fly screen solution for your home. Start enjoying the “improvement” in “home improvement” today!

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