Why You Need Home Flyscreens


Not many people know that there are over 87,000 different fly species of flies.

?The common house fly is ” Musca Domestica “

  • The fly a fast flying insect and is capable of travelling up to 35 km eating as it goes. A fly’s vision is poor and as they can only see clearly at 60 – 90 cm.
  • Flies are a huge disease carrier.They carry bacteria that can cause Typhoid, Tuberculosis, and many other diseases.
  • A single fly can carry over 33 million organisms on the inner and outer surfaces of its body which can transmit disease
  • Flies feed and reproduce on decaying matter, filth, water and can even known to lay eggs in living animals and human flesh! (open wounds, cuts and sores).
  • In a single season a fly can breed as many as 25 generations.? If all survived and bred, the offspring from a single pair of flies that mated in April would cover the Earth’s surface to a depth of over 12m by August -YUK
  • A fly can infect any piece of food smply by landing on it.
  • Flies don’t eat solid food. – they vomit on it until it is liquid, usually contaminating it with a few million germs whilst doing so. Then, when it’s runny, they suck it up again – they will also drop excrement on it at the same time!
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