Questions to ask about the removability and discreetness of home fly screens

Removability — Do I need the fly screens as a permanent feature in my home or something whilst I rent the property?

Different types of fly screens have different degrees of flexibility in terms of fitting, removing and refitting.

You will usually find that stick on fly curtains are only good for one use. It is very unlikely that you will be able to remove them and stick them up elsewhere, but a bonus is that they won’t leave any marks on your door or window.

This isn’t the case with velcro fly curtains as they usually need to be tacked onto the door or window frame, which means although they are easy to remove, the holes from the tacks will remain after the product has been removed.

Retractable stick on fly offer a balance of removability and durability as they can be removed easily without leaving any marks and can be refitted with the use of new tape.

Professionally fitted fly screens usually leave behind permanent changes to the surrounding wall due to the fact that they are generally quite heavy so they are required to be fitted using screws.

These fly screens will need to be removed by a professional.

Discreetness — Do I mind if my home fly screen is permanently on display or do I want the flyscreen to retract away when I’m not using it?

A professionally fitted fly screen is probably the best option for you if you want to solve your fly problem without drastically altering the look of your windows.

Professional fitters are able to recess fit your fly screens so that you barely see them when they aren’t in use and can match them to your existing colour scheme.

When DIY retractable fly screens are used on white windows or doors, the same discreet look can be achieved as they simply stock to the frame and the mesh retracts into the housing, leaving them not particularly noticeable when they aren’t in use.

Fly chains and curtains are always noticeable but can be taken down and stored when you don’t need them. However, this could become a problem if you need to use tacks to fit them or you would just have to leave the velcro or brackets up, or just have to take it all off and reinstall it from scratch the next year.

Hopefully, this three part series has unpicked and guided you through some of the product options that are available and has given you enough information to successfully choose a product that is right for you and your individual requirements.

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