We fully understand that investing in a new home extension is a big investment.

Our company offers the following flyscreens for your new home extension.

Using our fly screens allows you the opportunity to open your windows and doors and be able smell the BBQ but still keep the bugs off your food.

Our fly screens have the capacity to stop that annoying mosquito from buzzing around your head, while you’re taking a bite from a cheeseburger.

Home Extension Flyscreens – On Your New Windows

Our unique roller fly screens will provide your conservatory with more fresh and cool air, at the same time stopping insects from coming inside your conservatory.

Home Extension Flyscreens – On Your New Doorways

The best choice would be to use a side mounted, roller screen in single or double cassette version depending on the size of the doorway.

Another widespread choice for ease of use and extreme airflow is our aluminium chain-link screen. This is available in a wide range of designs and colours.

Home Extension Flyscreens – The Benefits

Our fly screens are particularly effective in the evenings when you want to turn the lights on or just chill out by watching the TV.

Open all your doors after a hard day working at the office. You can now let the fresh air in, and watch all the insects just simply bouncing off our near invisible mesh screens.

In addition by installing our fly screens, it will give maximum protection and visibility from insects. The extra narrow frames will give better visibility; when your doors are closed.

Now being almost invisible, the roller screen housing is only 45mm wide thinner than most doors and window frames. The mesh can then stop the power of the sun that usually heat up the conservatory and help stop fabrics from fading.

We would highly recommend buying our fly screens for your new home extension.

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