Providing Hinged Flyscreens To Sydney Homes

Stylish looking and easy to use our hinged flyscreen is extremely easy to use effectively on a daily basis .

Very durable and easy to maintain you won’t be disappointed with our lift out screens.

One of the best aspects of our screens, they are very light and easy to carry. Removing our screens will take a matter of seconds, plus when you need to put the screens back this will also take a few seconds.
Our hinged fly screen windows are an extremely simple and effective screening method that can be attached to wood, UVPC windows and metal frames.

Hinged Fly Screen Features

The aluminium colour choices include white and brown. Both fibreglass and stainless steel mesh options are currently available. When the screens are fitted to timber windows an adjustable stay can be installed therefore not impeding the screen.

Simple hinges allow a pin to be simply removed for easy removal for cleaning or when required for winter storage. These fly screens are ideal for all locations including, schools, offices, hospitals and factories.

Our lift out screen is basically a rigid framed screen that is unhinged.

These screens are typically used when a screen cannot be hinged or on ventilation units, air conditioning units and water coolers. They are able to be attached to the window frame by simply screwing, or with turn buttons, magnetic tape or hook and loop fastener.

Flyscreen Specifications

Fly screen windows and doors can be supplied readymade for installation. However if you require any help one of our highly qualified members of staff are happy to install for you. Please don’t hesitate to contract us with any questions. All our team members have many years of experience in both designing and assembling products.

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