The Premier Heavy Duty Flyscreen Door Manufacturer and Installer

In the modern world feeling safe in your home is extremely reassuring. Not having to worry about what is outside can let you feel relaxed in your own home. More importantly knowing your family is safe is what all parents try to have.

Therefore having the right protection for your home is crucial. We deliver heavy duty doors that give your property the protection you require.

Door Features

A heavy framed aluminum door that is powder coated white and fitted with our strong, yet decorative security grill that is incorporated within the door.

This door is highly recommended for industrial applications, where deliveries are being made, or places where a great deal of traffic is passing through.

How they work

A single action door has been designed to work in front of, or behind the existing door and it will then be hinged to the existing framework or to the plastic sub-frame if you want to clear handle obstructions.

In addition it comes complete with its specific automatic closure. This door can be fitted to UPVC, timber or metal casings and has been specifically designed to be able to deal with any bumps or knocks and any extra traffic that can occur within busy places of work.

Fly mesh will simply push out or come loose if the push and kick plates are not used when opening the door. The removal door and closure can be removed without the use of specialized tools.

Maintenance protocol

The door closure is maintenance free. To make sure the door hinges are working effectively, spray WD40 or a little light machinery oil into the moving parts. The powder coating is best cleaned with a cream cleaner, now it will look new as ever. Make sure all meshes are cleaned with hot water

All meshes can be cleaned with hot, soapy water for the removal of either grease or dirt. However dusty screens should be vacuumed or brushed clean.

Great protection with our heavy duty door will give your home the security you need.

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