We are Specialise in Half Panel Aluminium Doors Installations

Half door panels add to security from the weather, pets and trespassers. Also available in a range of pre-finished colors.

The attractive 28mm UPVC panel is also UV stabilized protecting your door against damage.

All panels in our high security range are strengthened with either 10mm plywood or MDF for added rigidity and security.

The Benefits of Having Half Panel Security Doors Installed

half-panel-aluminium-doors-installersHalf panel aluminium solid doors are exceptionally versatile and suit any number of house styles. Their lean appearance means they are particularly well with contemporary properties. Also these half panel security doors are reinforced in dealing with all types of weather.

Their eye-catching appearance makes half panel security doors the perfect choice for giving just the right look to new homes. But they’re similarly a leading choice for giving a modern feel to older properties too. Half panel security doors have the capacity to prevent your pets from going outside and making you feel safer in your home.

Half panel security doors are adaptable, strong and durable light material, which is skillfully crafted into many styles.

These half panel security doors have insulated solid panels, faced with robust, durable aluminium sheets which resist flames and physical attack, adding making it a great security door.

In addition aluminium is highly biodegradable; these half panel doors also have low environmental impact. Our half panel security doors are virtually maintenance free thereby saving you time and effort. By giving it a wipe from time to time with a damp cloth keeps your door looking as good as new.

Furthermore half panel security doors also reduce outside noise, stop raining from coming into your house and retain heat, keeping your home perfectly warm and quiet all year round.

This door comes with a 10 point locking system – 2 claws, 2 shoot bolts, 4 roller head cams, 1 latch and 1 dead plate. All these points locate into a single 1 piece keep for added resistance to attack – along with three keys as standard.

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