The perfect folding window screen for your house.

These sophisticated white aluminium insect screens comprise of tightly pleated fly screen material and are made to allow ventilation without light reduction.

Basically pull the screen across your doorway or opening. There is a track at the top and bottom for extreme protection from insects.

Folding Window Screen Sizes and Colours?

96 x 149cm, but the window screen can be decreased in size to fit a smaller doorway indeed a massive 39cm can be taken from the height of the screen. This screen comes in White aluminium.

Easy to Fit?

Yes it is without question, however if you require to adjust the height then you do need a certain level of DIY competence will be required. We have instructions that can help you to assemble. In our experience this is one of the easiest doors to fit therefore you can rest assured you should not have any difficultly.

Alternatively our professional folding window screen installers can install for you.

Easy to Use?

Yes just pull the handle and slide the door across to the other side where magnetizes shut.

What is included: Cassette with folded material and connected end frame, 2 top and bottom profiles, 3 x fixing screws and 5 white cover plates.

Suitable for domestic and commercial purposes, if you have any questions you can call our staff members who have many years of experience in designing screens.

We have had many satisfied customers who have remarked on the high quality folding window screens that we have been selling.

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