Flywire Screens – Ideal For Windows & Doors

One of the best and most eco-friendly ways to keep those annoying flies & mozzies at bay at your place this summer is to install flywire screens.

If you have already have flywire screens installed and they have deteriorated, our best advice is:-

  • If the mesh in the flywire screen has become saggy over time, fiberglass mesh may need to be re-inserted with a spline roller to keep the mesh taut and your flywire screens looking great
  • If your flywire screens have developed holes, the mesh can be replaced without having to outlay for the cost of a new frame
  • If animals are causing damage to your flywire screen mesh, you could replace it with a pet proof mesh to eliminate holes & clawing

The best way to maintain your flywire screens is to wash with warm soapy water and rinse off.

This removes any build up from the environment

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