How Much Will It Cost To Have Flyscreens Installed?

There’s nothing as annoying as a fly buzzing in your ear while you’re trying to watch a movie or even just relax on a sunny afternoon. Even worse is when bugs get into your pantry and you find ants in your sugar or cookie dish.

Not nice at all. Chances are, you either don’t have a flyscreen, or the one that you do have is ruined and needs fixing.

Modern flyscreens are usually made of aluminum, steel or fiberglass. There’s much to consider before getting a flyscreen installed or fixed if it’s broken.

The first step should be to determine the type, and the second and most important step is to determine the cost and who will provide a quality service for you.

Types of Flyscreens and Mesh Material

There are 3 main types of flyscreens available for installation by most Sydney flyscreen companies.

1. Retractable Flyscreens Installed

This is the most flexible flyscreen type. You can take them out discreetly when you don’t need them. This is especially true if bugs and insects become commonplace only during a certain time. It also allows you to have mechanism to keep bugs out, but still be able to hide it when need be. For example, when you’re having a party.

2. Sliding Flyscreens Installed

This type is attached to a sliding door or window. Thus when the door/window is opened, the flyscreen is opened too. When the door is closed, then the flyscreen comes to work. This is great to use if you have sliding doors and they can be installed on existing doors and windows. There are also sliding doors or windows that come complete with a flyscreen.

3. Hinged Flyscreens Installed

Just as the name suggests, this type is hinged on one side. It pretty much acts like a shutter would and can be opened and closed when needed. This type of flyscreen is probably the cheapest of all three.

Just like the shutter has different types, the actual mesh that prevents insects from coming into your home comes in 4 different types that will be discussed below.

1. Polyester

This is the cheapest flyscreen material. It protects against damage by pets, especially cats with their sharp claws. It is easy to clean this type of mesh, soap and water will do a great job. This low-maintenance character makes it very popular.

2. Stainless Steel

This type has more aesthetic value than anything else. It is mostly used for businesses and is hardened and stronger than any other mesh material. If you like to play with color then this is the most suitable material to use for your flyscreen as it can be coated with different colored powders to make it the color you desire.

3. Aluminium

This is also durable just like stainless steel, and it is rust proof and therefore a great alternative to steel.

4. Fiberglass

This is just basically plastic which has been covered by a glass fiber on top. It is not ideal for areas where bushfires are common as it can easily catch fire.

Flyscreens Installed Costs

Replacement Costs

  • This is cheaper than getting a new flyscreen installed.

Purchase Costs

It is more expensive to install an entire door or window. The sizes below are standard, although the sizes can be custom made to your preferences.

Retractable flyscreens are becoming more popular because of their flexibility and can go from anywhere $500 to $3000 depending on the size.

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