Rescreening Existing Window Screen Frames

flyscreen repairs sydneyIf required we can rescreen/repair existing window screen frames.

A sliding patio screen door for example can be rescreened if it’s in good condition and the frame is not bent.

The majority of sliders will be built with plastic wheels or locks that break.

Flyscreen Repairs – Rescreening Existing Window Can Be Problematic

When window screen frames are new, they have a natural curve outward (or cambered). This camber is very important. The screen frame is then pulled straight in order to generate constant tension on the screen fabric. This tension is able to keep the screen’s fabric taut. However unfortunately, window screen frames will lose this nature curve after a period of time.

Trying to rescreen a used window screen that has lost this curve, will therefore bow inward or “hour glass” as the fabric is pulled taut in the frame. A window screen that has hour glassed will therefore no longer fit correctly.

The bigger the screen, the more common this will happen. In addition the most original window screens use plastic corners. These corners will easily become discolored and brittle and over time normally breaks amounting to no real saving of any parts or money.

We are able to help you rescreen your existing screens. Our highly qualified staff members are able to rescreen window frames.

We have had excellent feedback from our customers who have used our flyscreen repair services.

“They are very customer friendly and extremely helpful.”

“Any questions that we had they were able to answer in a simple manner which was easy to understand and most importantly follow.”

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, one of our staff members are happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to rescreening existing window screen frames.

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