Do you sell flyscreen mesh rolls?

flyscreen mesh supplierIs a common question our sales team gets asked.

Our range of manufactured fly screens is the best you will find across Sydney as we offer a fly screen solution for every window and door for your home and business.

What many people do not know is that as manufacturers we also sell fly screens in component form.

And you can use some or all of our components to make up your own window screens.

Many people are looking to buy rolls of flyscreen mesh

There are two main reasons they do this:

  1. So that they can make a DIY fly screen using their own frame.
  2. So that they can replace mesh from their existing screens.

For those who want to buy fly screen mesh only- we can

  • sell fly screens mesh by the metre
  • sell fly screens mesh by the roll

Our mesh is a high quality fiberglass mesh with the following properties: rot-proof, insect proof, washable and durable.

To find out more about our range of fly screens and fly screen mesh, please contact us and to talk to one of our friendly staff.

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