Avalon Screens are Sydney’s Leading Flyscreen Door Manufacturer

There are a variety of door fly screens that we offer that cater for both residential and commercial use.

Avalon Screens flyscreen door manufacturer start with the offer of a standard insect mesh that measures 18 x 16, but offer the option to choose a 30 x 20 ‘midge mesh’ as well as also offer a stainless steel mesh for commercial use.

Also on offer is mesh curtains and fly screen chains, sculpt to size and ready for fitting. The following options are available:

  • Single roller
  • Hinged (single)
  • Sliding for patio doors
  • Chain fly screen/curtain
  • Double roller
  • Hinged (double)
  • Double sliding
  • Butted sliding

Fly screen doors – Single roller

The single roller door consists of a cassette, which holds an insect mesh. To the side of the door frame, or recess and the fly screen is pulled across the opening of the door. The screen is positioned with a spring, therefore, when released, the screen returns to the cassette.

To guide the screen as it drives across the opening of the door, we ensure to dress the top and bottom channels with aluminum, ensuring an all-round seal.

Whether it’s to the side walls of a door recess or onto the door frame, this system can directly be fitted either position.

Fly screen doors – Hinged (single)

Includes a framed screen, which is positioned to the door frame with hinges placed on the magnetic catches and the opening side. The screen is fitted so that it closes smoothly over the opening of the door when the door is accessible and so it can be removed when not required.

Likewise, the frame is aluminum and has a significant channel into which the mesh is fitted by a spline (rubber cord).

The Hinged single also offers an aluminum kick plate at the bottom of the door and is fitted with a centre handle bar as a standard door placement would.


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