Avalon Screens – The Premier Fly screens Supplier

Security and fly screens are not only great for barricading your home from unwanted flying intruders, our fly screens can also save you a lot of money.

Better yet, they’re especially good for the environment too!

Here are a few reasons why our fly screens can save you money and protect the environment:

Let the fresh air in

During the height of summer, as soon as you open all windows and doors, your confronted with a swarm of flying and crawling insects. In most of these cases, you’d probably resort to closing off all windows and doors and crank up the air conditioner. By installing fly screens, you’re able to allow the fresh breeze into your home, and in doing so, it reduces the need to use your air conditioner. Hence, fly and security screens are able to promote a more healthy and clean environment for you and your family to live in.

No need for insect repellents

We all react similarly when a hoard of itsy-bitsy insects enter your home, but unfortunately after a good spray of an insect repellent you can feel ill from the overpowering smell.

Even yet, the ozone layer has just taken a punch from the chemicals in each can of insect repellent. Our fly and security screen range take care of the insect problem during all seasons of the year, and completely eradicates the need for insect repellent.

Increase the value of your property

Fly and security screens don’t have to be large and inconvenient. On the contrary, our wide range of screens fit in perfectly with many buildings and homes. In many cases, this small investment into your property can end up adding significant value to your home.

Environmentally friendly framing

The aluminium framing of our fly and security screens are both strong and lightweight, and are mostly made from recyclable materials, meaning that they’re good for the environment!

If you wish to find out more about our fly and security screens, or any of our other products and services we provide, then don’t be afraid to contact us and start putting some money back into your pocket.


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