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What you need to know about flyscreens

A simple system that consists of some insect mesh (it is also known as insect mesh netting or just insect netting). It has a frame with a channel, a spline’ or ‘cord that has the capacity to hold the mesh in place and fix the screen in the correct place.

A fly screen can be easily fitted over a window or door to stop insects from entering your premises.

In addition there is a roller fly screen which operates in a similar way to a roller blind and the pleated fly screen which is again similar to a blind system.

Other systems include fly curtains which are designed either with strips of mesh or lengths of chain.

The term ‘fly screen’ is generally used as a term for screens that are used for keeping insects out. Therefore when we are talking about a fly screen we are not just discussing a screen that will make sure the common house fly does not enter the home environment but one which will also keep out bee’s wasps, mosquitoes and many more.

One of the perks of using a screen system, is by putting a particular type of mesh into a screen frame, we can produce a screen to deal with any specific problem.

For example, a standard insect mesh (16 x 18) will stop wasps, flies, bees and mosquitoes from coming through. Nevertheless to prevent midges from passing through a finer 20 x 30 mesh will be required. Therefore the screen frame stays the same however the mesh changes.

Other mesh choices include pollen mesh – to help decrease the effects of hay fever and ‘Pet mesh’ which is considered an extra strong mesh and consequently will allow pet owners to open their doors and windows without the concern of losing their pet.

There are many different options in regards to the fly screen you may require. Whatever your need we are confident that we have the perfect screen for you.

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