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Flies in your home are not only unsightly and annoying but they also pose serious health risks to you and your family. Flies carry germs and bacteria that may easily be transferred on surfaces.

The risk of contamination is greater in the kitchen as flies may alight on your food. While a pest control professional may not be necessary for flies, other creepy crawlies my need such serious attention. Usually installing fly screens are all that is needed to keep out flying pests.

Fly Screens Installation

Fly screens may be installed without professional help and with minimal DIY skills and using ordinary tools. It is important that you get the actual measurements of your windows and doors before purchasing your fly screens. Include the width of your window and door frames. You may also have your fly screens installed as most fly screen suppliers offer installation services at an additional cost.

Canopy screens

Installing a fly screen over a sliding window may prove to be inconvenient when operating your windows, as it may stand in the way of opening and closing your windows. A good solution for wide sliding windows is to construct a canopy outside of the window and to install the fly screen onto the canopy.

You may need professional help for the construction of the canopy and the installation of the screen outdoors.

Retractable Fly Screens Installation

Although most fly screens are manufactured using fine materials that can be painted to match your home’s interiors, the screens may diminish some of the aesthetics of your stylish windows or doors. Some manufacturers offer retractable screens that you can roll out of sight. Also known as the roller fly screen or cassette fly screen, the mesh of the retractable fly screen may be pulled back into a cassette when it is not in use.

Conversely, the mesh may be pulled out of the cassette when you need it. The retractable screen is ideal for windows, French doors, patio doors and conservatory doors. The cassette screen may be a cost effective option for covering large windows than one that is made to measure because it can be easily installed indoors and retracted when you need to open or close your windows.

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