Great looking fly screens for windows that can make all the difference to your home!

We are highly regarded as one of the leading fly screen manufactures in Australia.

In addition we are also highly regarded in providing excellent customer service. Whatever the need that our customers may have we are able to deliver what they require every time.

Whatever your financial situation or needs our Flyscreen Company have a window flyscreen and insect screen to meet your requirements.

We produce and deliver simple DIY kits for Frames and Roller Screens and for all styles of windows from either Sash to Tilt and Turn. You can scroll down and see firsthand the many types of screens we have. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call to either to buy or to ask for advice.

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Fly screens for windows

What are they? Extremely easy to fit elasticated flyscreen and insect screen that fits to most windows. Furthermore there are midge, pollen and Solar Velux with tiny holes that have the capacity to stop midges and most pollen as well as flies, mosquitoes and spiders, etc. nevertheless it also is reflective thereby it keeps out harsh sunlight.

  • Sizes and Colours? 121 x 142cm in either white and Charcoal
  • Easy to Fit? They most certainly are. They are able to stretch over each corner of the window because it is elasticated. If there is nowhere to hook the screen however this pack comes with four clips that are able to be attached to each corner of the window with the supplied self-adhesive tape.
  • Easy to Use? Windows now can be closed easily after attaching the screen, simply tug the net gently away from the hook tape and then pull the window shut. What you Get: Elasticated Polyester material. Including hook tape 4 x Clips 4 x Self Adhesive Pads.
  • Suitable for? For domestic and commercial use, plus either for windows frames or roller windows
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