Most Effective Way To Fight Winged-Insects

Our company prides itself on designing, supplying and installing the most preferred fly screens domestic use in the market and they come in the form of a rectangle and fixed frame for both doors and windows. We provide everything including the basic latched screen, Invisiguard security, and safety grille doors.

There are three varieties of door and window fly screen. These varieties have been branded as the standard, magnetic and rectangle screens. Besides their difference in style, numerous other things differentiate them. The major difference is in the material used to produce them.

The individual materials we have mentioned introduce a unique property to the resulting product. Even with the economic pricing of these fly screens, they are known to be extremely flexible. These fly screens are not only strong but also highly durable.

For instance, the aluminium fly screens are relatively easy to install due to their lightweight. They are also very strong, durable, and non-corrosive when exposed to moisture. That is not all; these screens will never sag or rust.

How To Guard Your House Against Flies

In the first days of warm weather, we will get into the mood of organising away-from-home get together. They could be house parties with our friends, and evening barbecue gathering with our loved ones and family, among other evening social events. Here are a few simple but natural remedies to help you stay safe from annoying flying insects.

Camp In The Sun

Have you ever asked yourself why you mostly find insects during the evening hours or in the house, and hardly by the sea and in the sun? It is simple; the sun facilitates a quick drying out of the insects external skeletons.

Use Insect Sprays

Numerous household insect and fly sprays promise effective knockdown of flying insects, including mosquitoes and houseflies. However, for these sprays to be effective, they need to be used in large doses. How effective these insect sprays may be, they have side effects to humans and the environment. For instance, the sprays have harmful chemicals and can negatively affect the human nervous system.

Use Fly-Killing Units

You have possibly seen a fly killing unit’s glowing blue light in a takeaway or local shop. These insect traps may be effective in killing most insects. However, it has a shortfall. It lacks the ability to some other insects such as the common housefly, as they never get attracted to these lights.

Fly Screens

Of all the flying insects remedy solutions currently available in the market, the fly screens domestic use outdoes them all. This method offers a natural and effective solution to keep flying insect at bay. Letting you and all those at your business and home have a peace of mind. As such, these screens totally exclude houseflies and other flying insects from your guarded environment, allowing you to enjoy a pesticide-free environment with good circulation of fresh air.

Your Friendly Fly Screens Installer and Supplier

We have been in this industry for more than 20 years. Flyscreens Sydney has been able to produce quality products that make it possible for anyone to enjoy the outdoor environment from within the house walls.

Our fly screen experts in Sydney have made a name for themselves by offering friendly and efficient services that solve the individual customer’s flying insect problem. Lastly, we are always available for free consultation and quotation on both the new projects and the existing one (which involve conducting fly screen repairs).

To get more information on how we can help you, or to get a free quotation, contact Flyscreens Sydney now and we will be happy to serve you! Call 02 8294 8311 now!

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