Types Of Fly Screen Mesh

Fly screens not only keep flies and other insects out of your home but may also help improve the indoor air quality. The major part of the fly screen is its mesh. Most fly screen mesh is manufactured using sturdy materials and is tightly woven so that flies, other insects and some airborne particles cannot enter your windows or doors.

Your choice of the material of your fly screen mesh will depend on your specific requirements. Some of the common types of mesh are:

Fibreglass mesh

A standard mesh carried by all fly screen suppliers is made of woven fiberglass yarn coated with PVC to make it waterproof, rust proof, non-combustible, stain resistant and easy to clean. This type of mesh usually comes in a standard grey colour and is good for excluding flies, bees, wasps, mosquitoes and other insects.

Polyester mesh

This type of mesh is made from woven polyester that is coated with PVC. It is around 7 times stronger than the fiberglass mesh while still offering good outward visibility. While the polyester mesh and fiberglass mesh block the same types of insects, the strength of the polyester mesh makes it ideal for the kitchen where contamination from insects must be avoided.

Midge mesh

The midge mesh is differentiated from the standard fly screen mesh by its tighter weave. The midge mesh has more threads that are tightly woven to produce more holes that are smaller than those found in the standard fiberglass mesh. This is good for blocking smaller insects like midges. The midge mesh is good for keeping out not only flies, bees, wasps and mosquitoes, but also tinier insects like midges.

A fly screen mesh is easy to install or replace. You may buy your screen mesh by the roll or by the metre depending on how much you will need. The mesh is easily trimmed to fit any window or door size and is made to resist rust, chipping or fading. Mesh may come in gray, white or black colours. You may also get your fly screen mesh by buying a Do-it-yourself (DIY) kit.

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