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Sydney Fly Screen Buying Guide – Home and Commercial Properties

Fly Screen Buying Guide: Appearance — Will the fly screens fit in with the decor of my house?

Velcro meshes, stick on meshes and fly curtains tend to be more functional than aesthetic and should only be thought about if you aren’t too concerned with the look of the house.

DIY fly screens tend to be white PVC and look discrete and smart on white doors and windows. For those interested in aesthetically pleasing and yet functional screens, a professionally fitted fly screen would be your best option.

Professional companies like ours offer a diverse range of screens designed for insect protection, privacy screening, blackout and solar shading which can be colour matched to complement your existing decor. These products are also available in different meshes to suit your specific requirements.

Fly Screen Buying Guide: Quality and Durability of the Product — Will the screen withstand constant use?

As mentioned previously, some inexpensive products tend to wear quite quickly and the cheaper mesh products are subject to tearing with frequent use.

When discussing mesh durability, retractable fly screens are usually the most reliable and resilient as the mesh is protected when stored in the retractable housing whilst it is not in use.

As for frames, both DIY screens and professionally fitted ones are equally resistant to daily wear and tear. For complete peace of mind, most manufacturers of professional products will offer a guarantee.

Fly Screen Buying Guide: Ease to Fit — Should I hire professional installers or DIY?

Most people are able to fit fly curtains onto their windows themselves as they tend to be either tacked on with nails or stick ons.

For something that is quite simple to fit you should consider made to measure stick on fly screens. All that is needed is to click them together and then stick them onto your existing window or door frame.

DIY fly screen kits can become a complicated task as they tend to require you to measure and cut the mesh to the right size of your window or door. If you truly aren’t keen for DIY then the best option is to bring in the professional fly screen installers.

These professional fitters will offer their own opinions in regard to the mesh and frames that best suit your individual needs and will ensure that your fly screen is installed to the highest standard.

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