Why and how is there such a difference of opinion about the price of commercial or home flyscreens?

Analysing the situation a little closer and we’ll discover it’s because it pays to buy fly screens in quantities compared to purchasing one at a time.

Fly screen installers have to factor time into their prices. The duration of installing a single flyscreen is less than it takes for them to drive to your home and back.

And if they charged the same price for a single flyscreen install as they would charge for several, they would lose money. As a result, they charge more for just one flyscreen than for larger purchases. An example includes aluminium framed window flyscreens. Prices include fitting and measure after the flyscreen is built.

Receiving prices for flyscreen doors can be more complex. If you’re purchasing a replacement door for a sliding door system that was fitted decades ago, possibly you have to also purchase new tracking for it. One good quality flyscreen door made from heavy duty powder coated aluminium is probably the right choice to make. If the new tracking is essential, it can add to the cost.

Because flyscreen doors extend to nearly ground level, you might also want to upgrade the type of mesh on the door. If you have a pet, for example, for an extra small fee, you can get pet-proof mesh that withstands pet scratches.

If your pet needs its own door, you might want to have a pet door installed on the door. These can be a quite inexpensive add on, depending on whether it’s for a small or a large pet.

A security option is available. If you want to get a security flyscreen door that includes a sturdy aluminum deadlock and grille, for small additional fee on top of a standard door.

It’s important to keep in mind that you will save even more if you purchase more flyscreens when you start to get competitive quotes for flyscreens.

Before you purchase your order, think about other places where you could use flyscreens: bedroom windows, kitchen windows.

You’ll be amazed and relieved by how much you save.

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