It’s summer and all manner of bugs, mozzies and crawlies are out and about making the most of the balmy weather. Only thing is unlike your in-laws, they haven’t been invited over! Screening every window and opening in your home with conventional rigid screens can turn out to be expensive and impractical.

Thankfully there is a truly flexible and affordable alternative in the form of removable mesh flyscreens….

What is the unique selling point of a flexible fly screen?

“There are a number including being adaptable, durable and cost effective. This type of flexible flyscreen is a great alternative to the old fashioned rigid and difficult to use insect screens that snap, blow off, kink, break, rust, shrink or stretch. They are also easily customisable and can be manufactured for any shape or sized opening. When it comes to cleaning, they are easily removed, also allowing convenient cleaning of both your window and the screen.”

What problems do normal screens present?

“Normal screens are rigid and typically not able to be specified in awkward locations, such as odd shaped or out of square windows. They also don’t provide a complete seal against flying and crawling insects.”

What type of screening material is used?

“We have two options – standard bug screening mesh and micro-mesh, available in charcoal. This allows the best vision through the screen. There are also four trim colours available for your screen to match your frame.”

How are flexible fly screens attached?

“Simply by a magnetic strip.”

How do you operate a flexible fly screen?

“The beauty of using a magnetic strip is that you simply peel back the corner of the screen nearest your latch to open your window and then press back into place. Easy!”

Can I install this type of screen outdoors?

“Yes, absolutely – indoors or out is no problem. And they can be rolled up for storage when not in use. This is ideal for renters, as they can be taken with you when you move.”

What tips do you have for choosing mesh?

“If you are worried about smaller insects such as midges, then go for the micro mesh.”

What windows are they suitable for?

“A wide range, including casement, awning, sash and hopper, out of square windows both new and old – as well as for any other unusually shaped opening, all custom made to your measurements.”

What other applications is a flexible flyscreen suitable for?

“Our customers have ordered this type of flyscreen for their boats, motor homes, caravans, decorative security screens and doors and a range of other large openings that require screening.”

What is the average install time?

“You are looking at as little as ten minutes as a DIY install, or have an installer do it for you, if that suits.”


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