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With do-it-yourself fly screen, you can leave your door unlatched and insect-free. You can, therefore, guarantee the safety of your loved ones against illnesses caused by bugs by installing this do-it-yourself fly screen at your home.

Could it be that you wish to leave your windows and doors open has been hampered by the troubles posed by flying insects?

Could you have an open-air space but you cannot use it because mosquitoes and other flying insects are a bother to you?

If these are the problems you face, then insect screens can provide the much-needed solution. It is obvious you would not like to have problems caused by winged insects and therefore, do-it-yourself fly screen will go a long way in helping you out.

For instance, the weather can get hot and require that you leave your windows open to allow for free air flow. In such a situation, you would not have to think twice about leaving them open as long as you have the fly screen is in place.

You can fix a well-crafted do-it-yourself fly screen on the window and door frames hustle-free, making it possible to bring it down when necessary. Remember, you require no tools to carry this out. The process is cost-effective and guarantees to keep flying insects or bugs out of your house.

The fly screens we sell to residents and other customers to protect their establishments are not only tough but also reliable in keeping these troublesome bugs at bay. Our products come in different colours to make sure you get one that matches your window edges and joints as a way of complementing your home’s decor.

You have every reason to be confident that the fly screen we offer will serve you as advertised, and it is a sure way to rid off the insects when you open the doors and windows as a result of hotter weather; you get total control over these winged creatures.

Different Categories Of Fly Screens

The use of fly nets depends on various circumstances and can, therefore, be classified into two, as detailed below;

Standard Rectangle Fly Screen

This screen is used with big vents and can be fixed on the window/door rails or the surface. You can draw this screen from one side of the vent to the other to safeguard the house against any pest that may want to get into it.

Fastened Fly Screens

This kind of fly screens is mountable to the window’s inner parts, allowing for easy peeling off and on to allow for the opening and closing of the window. In the process of peeling it off and on is safe and never results in screen break, holes or spaces that can let bugs into the house.

As this type of screen allows for easy peeled back, you can be sure that you won’t get any frustration closing or opening your door, even when you are doing it now and then.

Besides, these can be detached entirely, and are easily washable. The common window types that are suitable for the interior screen are the awning, framework, and hopper.

We are here to help you find the best product that addresses your problems. Fly screens are not only ingenious but also clever and crafty in guaranteeing cool refreshing breeze that is free of any unwanted flying bug.

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