DIY Insect Screens Suitable For All Windows & Doors

DIY Insect Screens, are screens that are very efficient and are suitable for almost all doors and windows systems to allow movement of fresh air without obstructing your view.

The discreet mesh is one of their features and they also have blending frames which does not interfere with the styles in your home.

The Advantages Of DIY Insect Screens

Protects you from insects

Summer, one of the best seasons in Australia always have one shortcoming- Insects!

Creeping creatures and insects can be very unhygienic and are always getting in our homes by using the openings in our homes.

A DIY fly screen is here to keep you protected from the crawling creature and insects.

The Flycreen has four sides and is fitted on your window and the retractable mesh is pulled across, covering the opening.

The window remains fully sealed and still allows in fresh air.

Allows entry of fresh air- To deal with cold seasons, most houses nowadays are being made airtight. Although this could be a good move, pollutants are left with no exit space which could lead to air pollution in the house.

DIY screen solves this problem by keeping your room ventilated, keeping your house free of stale air. This creates a good living environment for you, with sufficient flow of fresh air.

Promotes hygiene

By using the DIY screens in the sensitive areas, such as your kitchen, crawling insects are kept off. These insects are unhygienic when left to interfere with your stuff, such as food and cooking surfaces. The creatures could also interfere with your pet’s food leading to losses and spread of diseases.

Peaceful sleep

During summer, all that we need is to feel safe leaving our windows open as we sleep. With no fly screens, this is impossible as the fear of insects and creatures getting into your room is real. Fly screens allow you to leave your windows open as you are protected, giving you a peaceful night long.

Reduced costs

The other option of dealing with the hot weather in summer is by use of air conditioners. Air conditioning can be a costly venture that can always leave a dent in your finances. Fly screens offer the solution. Though costly at the initial installation stage, DIY screens offer lasting services.

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