We think those DIY fly screens are great.

It sounds even better when the praise comes from our customers.

We had a number of reviews since we started selling DIY fly screens many years ago.

We love to hear how the DIY fly screens are helping people enjoy their homes.

“ We had a bad mosquito problems. We could not even leave the door open for ventilation because it was so bad. We installed a retractable screen which took about 20 minutes. We can now leave the door wide open and not worry about bugs. We barely notice the screen is there. It was delivered quickly and is a great product.”
-Andy R.

“ I purchased this screen for my bedroom. My husband likes to sleep with the window open but I could not stand the bugs. I can now open the window and we can both be happy”
– Charlie

We like getting positive feedback but we still need to hear the criticism. We find these comments useful and want to use them to improve the products we offer and the services we provide.

When we first began to sell these screen we had a lot of comments from customers wondering what the adjustment dials were used for. These dials can help control the speed at which the screen opens. If people did not know how to use this the screen may not work for them. We published the guide to show customers how to work these dials and set the right speed for them.

Comments like this have helped us improve. We find this feedback so helpful.

Asking our customers directly is a great way to find out what our customers think of the screen.

We were happy to hear that all of our customers are pleased with the screen. We have taken their suggestions for improvement as well and are excited to move forward.

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