Looking For Commercial Insect Screens Manufacturer & Installer?

We are one of the leading screens suppliers on the market. We have a team of experienced manufactures who have been producing first class products for a number of years. Browse our website and you can see firsthand the excellent products we sell.

We supply commercial insect screens as well as domestic insect screens use.

Our commercial insect screen products are extremely hardwearing and strong and can stand up to the everyday rigors of the commercial environment.

Our screens are perfectly suited for kitchens, warehouses; factories and any other industrial buildings that needs to keep out flying insects from coming inside.

The Features Of Our Commercial Fly Screens

  • Face fits outside, inside the existing frame, sub frame or wall outside.
    If your window opens out the fly screen can be fitted on the inside and vice versa.
  • A powder coated aluminum frame in white.
    Grey insect mesh as normal. A mid bar could be used to provide extra support for larger screens.

The Benefits

  • Extremely simple and cost effective method of screening windows
  • Easy to access when opening and closing windows
  • Can be easily removed for cleaning purposes

How To Measure For Your Insect Screens

Measure the height and the width of the aperture, plus any beveled edges on the window frame. Add an extra 20mm of flat surface on each side thereby the screen frame can rest against. If you are short of flat surface, you can have as little as 9mm, but the frame will however overlap some of the aperture.

Any locating wedge for a cockspur handle needs to be included in the aperture measurement, and there must be at least 25mm of flat surface beyond it.

Made to Measure rest assured we will make the exact size you provide us. If you have any questions about any of our products please don’t hesitate to call us. One of our team members will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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