Are Commercial Fly Screens Required For Your Business?

Food authorities will usually have a regulation along the lines of  : “windows and other openings must be assembled to avoid the gathering of dirt. Those that can be opened to the outside environment should when needed be fitted with insect proof screens which can be removed for cleaning.”

According to the industry guide for good hygiene practice for food safety; they refer specifically to using fly screens.

Windows should be fitted with commercial fly screens if for example:

  • They open directly into food preparation areas.
  • They have been opened for ventilation during food preparation
  • Screening is essential to stop the risk of (pest) infestation and contamination

What are the ramifications of not using commercial fly screens when preparing food?

A dead fly can cause damage to the image or the reputation of a food manufacturer or restaurant?

By understanding how a fly feeds is reason enough to avoid them within your food preparation area and therefore installing commercial fly screens inside all food areas is essential when making and serving food.

Flies do not have moving mouth parts like us, they will feed through a straw, in order to make their dinner softer; they will first vomit up the contents of their last meal which contains stomach acids to dissolve and break down their food ready to suck up again.

Disgusting – without question!

In addition by not having industrial fly screens within your own home; the list of diseases the common house fly carries and spreads include many of the worst killers of mankind; for example “cholera, typhoid gangrene and gonorrhea”.

Most of these infecting organisms thrive in a warm moist environment with lots of good food to eat; which is just what they find in our digestive systems. Therefore it is paramount that all places where food is produced have fly screens installed!!

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