How to Clean Your Fly Screens

Cleaning fly screens can be a fussy, messy chore most homeowners would rather avoid. However, not only are dirty flyscreens unattractive, they are inefficient, blocking the ability of fresh air to pass through their mesh. If you know the right way how to clean your fly screens, it needn’t be a dreaded chore. Just follow these easy instructions.

Cleaning Removable Fly Screens

Many fly screen doors and window coverings can easily be removed. If so, and if they are very dirty, start by removing them and setting them up outdoors for cleaning:
Prop them up against an outdoor vertical surface such as a fence or wall. If this is not available, lay them on a clean, dry surface.

Rinse gently using a garden hose. While pressure will effectively remove debris, too much water pressure may stretch the fly screen or even pull the edges out of their housings.

Scrub the fly screens using warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush.

Turn the screen around and scrub again.

Rinse thoroughly on both sides of the screen.
While the fly screens are off the windows or door tracks is a good time to clean the window sills and tracks. For these, the best tools for the job are a vacuum cleaner fitted with a narrow nozzle, an old tooth brush and a spray bottle filled with water and a small amount of detergen

Cleaning Fixed Security Screens

The challenge of cleaning fixed screens lies in avoiding getting too much water on your window sills and floor. Start by laying a towel or towels on the floor and window sills inside the house. Then go outside and rinse, wash and rinse the outside of the screens using a sponge and a bucket instead of a hose.

Then repeat the process inside, if necessary. You will probably get satisfactory results just by wiping the inside of the screen with a damp cloth, though.

Another way to clean fixed screens is to go to a local equipment hire shop and hire a portable air compressor. You should be able to get most of the dirt and debris off of the screens using this alone.

Cleaning fly screens is never a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. If you regularly vacuum your screens using a brush attachment to loosen clinging grit, you will find that it’s a job you don’t have to do very often. Did you know that a good window cleaning service will also be able to clean your fly screens for you? If you get a service like this to do the job for you, they will guarantee that you get sparkling, professional results.

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