The chain winder flyscreen system offers you easy window access

Windows can be difficult to access, however using our chain winder flyscreen system these issues will be a thing of the past.

Accessing all windows will now be straight forward. If you’re in the back garden during the summer season and you need to pass food or drinks through your windows, you now won’t have a problem opening your windows, due to our chain winder system.

About Us

Our highly experienced fitters install made to measure fly screens designed to meet the needs for both commercial and domestic premises. Our fly screen products have been manufactured and developed to take the hard knocks and heavy wear related with industrial and commercial use. They are still aesthetically pleasing on the eye and can be considered just as suitable for a domestic environment.

Chain Winder Flyscreen

This exclusive lockable fly and insect screen offers the perfect solution to difficult access windows by attaching a small winder mechanism that allows easy operation of the window. A standard flat fly screen is internally fitted to safeguard 100% insect proofing.

When the handle is turned the chain winder will then send out a specially designed chain that opens the window.

The specially modified aluminum fly screen allows the winder to open the window without the awkwardness of having to remove the screen.

The chain winder system can be used to make windows behind fly screens simpler and much quicker to open as well as extending the life of the insect screens

This is accomplished by eliminating the requirement to remove the fly screens every time the window needs to be opened; this is quicker and avoids wear and tear and potential damage to the insect screen

The chain winder is extremely easy to use, all you need to do is rotate the handle clockwise to open the window and anticlockwise to close the window.

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