A full explanation to help you decide between a bi fold retractable screen and a bi fold pleated screen

Both pleated and retractable options offer a suitable and high quality solution for bi fold door screens.

Neither screen is better than the other when it comes to bi fold door screens, it is purely up to personal preference and the pros and cons of your installation setting.

You may ask yourself the following questions to help you decide between the Pleated Bi Fold Screens or a Retractable Bi Fold Screen:

  1. Are you concerned about the visibility of the screen?
    Because the mesh is flat when extended on a retractable screen, they are often less visible than pleated screens. Then again, pleated screens are hardly noticeable from a distance, and become more apparent as you approach it. Pleated screens give an elegant touch to the opening as their presence is very discreet due to the vertical lines of the pleats.
    Summary: Retractable screens for completely unseen screens or pleated screens for a visible and decorative feature in the opening.
  2. What are the differences in functionality between the pleated door screens and retractable door screens:
    Pleated bi fold screens are in most cases more functional in the sense that they are on a free sliding system which allows the screen to stop anywhere along the opening. These screens are also elderly and child friendly as there isn’t a strong tension on the handle when being used.
    Retractable screens can also stop anywhere along the opening with the help of a multi-lock system. Tension may differ when being used depending on the width of the opening.
    Summary: Retractable screens if you don’t mind tension on the screen or full functionality with a pleated screen.
  3. Will it fit in my door frame?
    Pleated insect screens often have very narrow channels and tracts and easily fit and blend with any frame of a bifold door. When these screens are retracted, pleated screens stack into the starting side of the door into a very compact unit.
    Retractable screens completely disappear from view as they roll into a cassette. Although, these screens need taller tracks on the floor and at the top of the door in order to guide the screen.
    Summary: Pleated screens if you want narrow tracks, or retractable screens if you want the screen to completely disappear.
  4. Will the screen work with the size of my bi fold door?
    In some cases, the size of the opening may determine the most suitable type of screen, simply due to the limitations or ability of each system over a certain span.
    Summary: If your opening is greater than 6m — pleated screens. If your opening is less than 6m — you have the choice of either system.

Retractable or Pleated Bi Fold Screens – how have you decided?

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