bi fold- door fly screensWe Can Install Fly Screens For Your Bi Fold Doors

Living spaces that are exposed to the outdoors, allowing the fresh air to enter the home and magnifying the views; these are just some of the reasons Australians love to have bi-fold doors in their homes.

Whether you have bush or water views, access to an open area like a pool, backyard, deck or balcony or views of a city sky line, bi-fold doors will always look fantastic and serve as a great feature in any house.

Bi-Fold Doors Without Fly Screens Can Be A Problem

Unfortunately, many homes cannot enjoy their bi-fold doors to their full potential.

This may be because of a pesky insect problem. Keeping your bi-fold doors closed, defeats the purpose of owning these magnificent feature in your home!

Generally speaking, many people believe that it is too difficult and unappealing to install fly screens on bi-fold doors.

Thankfully, these statements are not true and it would be to a home owners benefit to install bi-fold door screens.

Avalon Screens can help solve all of your insect problems as we offer a versatile range of solutions in screens for bi-fold doors that are not just based on size but focused on their purpose in your home.

Contact us today for a free quote on installing a suitable flyscreen solution on your bi-fold doors.

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