Choosing the best flyscreen mesh material

Regardless of whether you opt for retractable screen doors or choose a flyscreen for your windows or skylight: besides a first-class fitting of the flyscreen the choice of flyscreen mesh material is critical.

The fly screen mesh material should not only be effective at keeping mosquitos and creepy crawlies out, the fly screen mesh must be robust and durable. As all fly screens come in different shapes, sizes and types, there are various flyscreen mesh materials to choose from:

best flyscreen mesh material


A fly screen mesh screen of stainless steel or aluminium has a very elegant and refined appearance created by the aluminium look or metallic anthracite  – although other colours such as brown,  black or white are also available to purchase.

Transparent mesh,anti-pollen mesh, pet screen mesh as well as fibre glass meshes can be coloured as needed, and thus can be created to match any skylight, door or window.

Fly screen mesh size

Fly screen meshes for windows and doors generally have a size of 1.4 mm by 1.58 mm (height by width).

This size of the web mesh has been found not to restrict the amount of light admitted or the circulation of air whilst providing the optimum protection against insects. Therefore a closed flyscreen door or an open window with a fly screen does not prevent good room airing.

In an effort to ensure that the fly screen mesh is environmentally friendly, check that the manufacturer does not use any dangerous substances, such as heavy metals.

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