What Makes A Good Flyscreen Company?

Choosing the best flyscreen company who will undertake the proper installation of your screens and doors is a very important consideration to make when purchasing.

Unfortunately there are a number of ‘cowboy’ companies who undercut the market but in doing so ‘cut corners’ mainly in the installation process.

We have seen the work of some of these company’s, mostly replacing old flyscreens with new, and it has to be seen to believed.

Incorrect screws secured into the wrong fittings, forgotten interlocking on retractable screens and weak rivets are just some of issues of poorly installed fly screens and fly screen doors.

Price Should Not Be A Determining Factor To Who Is The Best Flyscreen Company

The point being is, price should not be your only determining factor, as the cheapest installer will usually have to cut corners somewhere in an effort to deliver the work at the stated price.

Another important consideration when you are purchasing your new door fly screens, is to consider purchasing ones with rollers on both the bottom and the top of the fly screen door.

This is especially helpful in ensuring that the screen door can not be lifted up and out of the door frame and the wheels also let the door slide gracefully.

A professional installer and flyscreen company understands the differences in the screens and doors between different branded products, as well as understanding the correct installation method for each product for the best and most secure installation possible.

If you are feeling a little doubtful or unsure about the method of installation, don’t be afraid to ring the manufacturer company yourself to ask for the correct method of installation.

Lastly but not least, the best place to install your fly screens and doors is on the out side of your house. This allows you to open your windows for a fresh breeze without the hassle of dealing with flying insects intruding your home.

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