Avalon Screens company’s fly screen options are unlike any screens on the market.

Avalon Screens smooth sliding screens fit nearly any doorway or window and disappear in the natural interior of the frame making them more or less invisible — they’re there when you need it, and are gone when you don’t.

Avalon Screens flyscreens and screen doors provide quiet, smooth operation, and give complete protection against irritating airborne pests.

You can have the best of everything with our companies screens — fresh air, great appearance and functional protection.

When ordering your fly screen from our company, it is very important to determine and inform our company about the threshold the screen will be installed on — that is, whether the threshold is flat or sloped.

If you have a sloped threshold, you should specify when ordering, this way, we can help to level the bottom guide and aid the screen.

Window screens, solar screens, sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, screen panels or screen rooms — we do it all! Our insect screens are made to fit any sized window or door, using frames made of wood or aluminium and fibreglass, aluminium, bronze or pet-proof screening.

Avalon Screens flyscreens and screen doors control the dosage of sun entering your home by keeping out 90% of the sun’s glare and heat, whilst still allowing the beautiful breeze to softly enter your home.

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