The Superior Choice of Aluminium Insect Screens

The industry of aluminium insect screens has expanded to an array of material options. As technology advances and more efficient, varied materials become available for this type of insect screens.

Aimed to shield the gap of an open window, the main reason of flyscreens is to keep insects, dirt, leaves, debris, birds and other pests from getting into the property.

Thanks to its light weight material, cost-effectiveness and versatility in style aluminium has taken the lead. Aluminium effectively meets the expected purpose of insect screens in every home and business.

Manufacturers become more capable of offering product to fit specific needs of consumers. However, before selecting the most appropriate insect screen for your needs, it is important to understand the advantages of the material.


The aluminium screens have various choices of colours and may customise design for both windows and doors. In most circumstances, consumers find aluminium screens better fit to their needs.

The material with a protective coating provides the added benefit of resistant to abrasions, corrosion and rust. Aside from its sturdiness and durability, aluminium considered also one of the most lightweight materials in the market.

Aluminium insect screens are easy and simple to maintain. The reason why it became well-known for their longer lifespans on all weather conditions.


— Keep unwanted insects and other animals out.
— Can be installed on both windows and doors.
— Lightweight, sturdy and durable material.
— Resistant to withstand all weather conditions.
— Simple care to maintain a longer lifespan of the screen.
— Various styles and options are available.

Chain Screens

Aluminium chain screens have become the popular choice for domestic and commercial environments. Their durability and attractive in appearance made them well liked.

This type of flyscreens are so flexible that made them perfect in a business environment where a curtain is needed. The door may be left open to allow the fresh air flow from the outside without the worries of flying insects.

The chain flyscreens can also be used in and around the home, ideal for kitchen and patio doors. Chain flyscreens are custom made, durable, attractive and effective even for the largest patio door.

The screen helps reduce the flies and other winged-pests from entering the premises. Just fresh air and peace of mind!

Invaluable Asset

With the vast selection of styles and options, aluminium insect screens are the key assets to any home or business. The advantages and enjoyment of fresh air and the outdoors are well experienced.

In choosing aluminium insect screens as your home or business solution, you will not be disappointed! Call today Flyscreens Sydney at 02 8294 8311 for any inquiries.

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