How to Choose Window Aluminium Flyscreens

Aluminium flyscreens prevent insects and other winged-pests as well as dust from entering a house. The screens also deter young kids from jumping out of the window hence increase their safety while at home.

Moreover, these screens also add elegance and beauty to your home. They do not hinder natural light or breeze and are very easy to manage.

If you are in the market for aluminium flyscreens for your window, there are some factors you should consider so that you get the best deal. Consider the following when buying window aluminium flyscreens:

Type of Window

The style of your window is one of the major components that affects your preference in buying aluminium flyscreen. It may be wise to call the windows manufacturer for the chosen flyscreen to ensure all the components fit perfectly well.

However, if you want to buy a flyscreen for an existing window, make sure that the design matches that of the window. This guarantees that the aesthetic appeal of the window is not compromised by the newly installed flyscreen.

Materials Used

The materials used to make the flyscreen determine its strength as well as the durability. Choosing an aluminium flyscreen for your window offers many benefits.

Aluminium neither corrodes nor rusts. It is lighter in weight than wrought iron, yet strong and it can be polished or coated with a wide array of attractive colours.

Since aluminium neither rusts nor corrodes, it requires minimal maintenance. It is also important to note that aluminium has a greater fire-resistance compared to iron.

Design and Shape

Make sure that the design you choose fits the design of your window and is up to the desired security level. While these are important factors, you should not in any way ignore the beauty and the style of your home.

Remember that windows can either have casement, sliding or fixed designs.

Fixed designs are rarely used since they seal potential fire exits. However, if you can access the window from outside, it is advisable to go for a fixed screen.

The sliding designs are the most popular and are widely used together with mosquito meshes. The screen can be fixed or it can slide along with the frame.


You should make sure that the size of the aluminium flyscreen you buy perfectly fits into the space of the window. It is advisable to ask the supplier to send over a representative to come to your place and take the measurements of your window before fabrication begins.

While you can take the measurements, you may miss a thing or two that affects the overall quality. Therefore, it is advisable someone from the supplier comes over to do the measurements.

Colour of Window And The Walls

Select the flyscreen colour that matches the colour scheme of your home to decorate. The aluminium flyscreen should give more elegance and class once they are fixed.

Either choose a colour that blends well with the shade of the window and the walls or you may go for dark colour that will be visible through the window blinds.

Type of Flyscreen

Always go for a aluminium flyscreen that prevents unwanted insects and other bugs from entering your house. The flyscreen should also be easy to clean, durable and one that fits perfectly in your window.


In conclusion, once you have considered all the factors above, make sure you get the best price. Go for a flyscreen that is affordable yet high quality.

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