Aluminium Door Screens Are Suitable For All Business Scenarios

Over the course of many years we have specialised in the design and manufacture of aluminium door screens, we have sold our chain screens to every imaginable type of user and for a vast range of uses, including acting as an effective fly screen.

Our aluminium door screens can be purposefully designed as insect screens or fly screens for pest control.

Aluminium door screens in commercial premises

Our aluminium door screens are used in all manner of doors where room dividers are needed and keeping out flying pests is important.

Any size whatsoever can be made to suit your own business door requirements.

Major commercial users of our aluminium door screens include,

  1. Food Retailers, especially: Food Processors
  2. Bakers
  3. Butchers
  4. Schools
  5. Fishmongers
  6. Hospitals
  7. Canteens
  8. Restaurants

The nature of the aluminium door screens makes them perfect and very attractive in doorways.

The aluminium door screens can therefore act as a pest control measure. As a result keeping out flying pests with an attractive barrier but still letting fresh air in.

By using aluminium door chain screens they offer successful pest control measures that will keep out most flying pests without the cleaning problems. They are not prone to grease or dust build up and they are also very easy to clean.

Why choose our company to for your aluminium door screens?

The reason for choosing our doors is because they have been designed and produced to meet the needs of a commercial and business market.

Our metal doors have been vigorously tested and are proven to achieve the highest standards in security and quality.

Our experienced team is on hand to assist with any specification to ensure your steel security door, will meet your personal requirements.

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