Decorative Designs With Aluminium Chain Screens

Aluminium chain screens have the potential to transform even the most dull and drab of open areas into an inviting environment where guests and patrons gather comfortably and linger for longer.

Whether these attractive and customisable screens are applied to a domestic or commercial environment, their versatile features and options result in a strikingly defined space that is perfect for work or play, night and day, all year round.

Interior designers and architects have been utilising an increasingly popular design feature in their arsenal of creative tools to transform standard backdrops of shops, theatres, clubs, and showrooms into unique and innovative spaces of versatility and comfort.

Decorative Chain Screens

One of the best benefits of aluminium chain screens is how versatile of a window or door treatment they are.

– Hang them from the ceiling;
– Mount them to a wall;
– Install them within curved interiors;
– Use them as projection screens to redefine the whole mood of a space; and
– Add some serious punch-up to an atmosphere.

With fully customisable measurements and fittings, colours, styles, textures and patterns, and arrangements, the use of chain screens to a home or business is easily tailored to fit the specific needs of individual consumers.

Fitting Screens To Meet Custom Needs

There are two techniques of fixing these aluminium screens either face fixing or ceiling mounting.

– Face fixing installations typically mounted to a horizontal surface such as a wall. Perfect for that artistic flair or modern-industrial vitality and glamour.

– When they are ceiling mounted and hanging vertically the screens can break up larger spaces. Thus creating private areas or sub-divisions of any open space.

Projection Chain Screens

Aluminium chain screens with a silver finish are among the most popular for projection screen applications. Adding a unique, eye-catching design feature to any space for creative control over the setting and mood through film projections.

Whether used as a temporary flair of fun, to permanently jazz up interior or exterior atmospheres, utilising chain screens as projection backdrops give any space that edge.

Type of Chain Screens

– Close-knit screens are manufactured with a tighter chain-link weave, containing 30% more chain than standard screens. Designed to be the perfect projection backdrop or to increase the privacy of a space without being away from the atmosphere.

– Curved screens are no exception when it comes to face fixing and ceiling mounting. They can be fixed against a curved surface or hang vertically from the ceiling. These screens demand inspiration of creativity, helping to create uniquely shaped spaces or fluid, wrapping textures, patterns, or projections.

If your home or business could use a bit of spice and creativity, some flair and attitude, or even just a dash of simple class, aluminium chain screens for decorative, projection, or practical means can do wonders!

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