High Quality Window Grilles

At Avalon Screens we provide the most stylish and safest window grilles for your home.

It’s time to say goodbye to those outdated window grilles and move with the modern times. Our window grilles look trendy and sophisticated using ornate and adaptable styles.

It can be considered that window grilles are one of the most essential parts of one’s house. The grilles not only give your house the necessary security that we all want, but can even make your interior look more stylish. There are many selections we have; when deciding over the style of grilles that you want when looking to have a grilles on your windows.

Do We Need Window Grilles?

As the number of break-ins through windows increases year in year in year out, window security grilles are becoming one of Australia’s favorite window security products.
Despite the apparent benefits to both your property’s security and feeling safe within your home, people are still apprehensive that physical security such as window grilles will negatively impact on the aesthetics of their home.

However the designs of the window grilles are slim and come without side tracks, guaranteeing that they will significantly improve your home’s security without affecting its appearance.

The window grills have been manufactured with convenience and discretion in mind. They are exceptionally swift and easy to close and lock without having to use a key. In addition they can be easily stacked away behind blinds or curtains whenever you are at home and want them out of sight.

So if you want to enjoy the feeling of better-quality home security without compromising on the look of your property, I would suggest you buy one of our window grills.

You can order any of our window security grilles online or contact us. We can give you advice on the options available to you.

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