Custom Curtains

Here at Avalon Screens we have designed our very own curtains to ensure our customers get the best curtains available on the market.

Why Buy Our Curtains?

The curtains we have designed are made to measure. The styles of curtains are very modern and have undertaken many tests to to ensure a high standard product.

In addition our custom made curtains provide excellent clarity and very good color consistency. Our curtains can fill many needs, for example they can be used inside or outside to work as a barrier against dust, fumes and as well as insects. Also our curtains can reduce the amount of noise in factories.

Our designed curtains work as an effective solution to your thermal control needs, offers great value and is reasonable priced.

Custom Curtains For Businesses

These curtains can maximize your business needs and effectively keep your products and your workforce at the optimum working temperature they need. Your employees will be happier due to the cooler temperature within the workplace. By using our curtains you are now able to save on heating and air condition costs.

The outstanding workmanship that has gone into the design of our curtains has meant that, it can be used for home use and industrial businesses and food manufacturing.

Why Select Our Custom Curtains

  • Supreme quality
  • Curtains designed for a range of different environmental needs
  • Choose from a selection of different coloring options
  • All curtains are made to the specific requirements you desire
  • We have total confidence in the high standard of our workmanship

When you order your custom curtains won’t be disappointed with the results.

If you’re still unsure please call us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Here at Avalon Screens we are happy to help.

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